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Do’s & Don’ts


The Client will deposit funds in the following PMEX’s bank account through online banking (IBFT) or cheque.


BankMeezan Bank Limited
Account TitlePakistan Mercantile Exchange Ltd.
Branch Code0107
Account No.0103648355
Beneficiary email (if available)


  1. Verify the authenticity of a Broker and its branches from the list of registered brokers from PMEX website (
  2. Carefully read and understand the terms and conditions along-with Risk Disclosure Document
  3. Ensure that all information is accurately filled in the Online Account Opening Form.
  4. In case of any change in information provided in the Account Opening Form, immediately communicate in writing to Broker
  5. Only deposit payments to PMEX through cross cheque or online transfer from your own bank account registered with PMEX
  6. Ensure that Broker sends daily, weekly, monthly account balance and activity statements to know the trade activity and cash balances in the trading account
  7. Ensure that Broker sends SMS alerts for trades and cash movement in the trading account
  8. Approach PMEX in case of any complaint that remains unresolved by the Broker


  1. Do not deal with Brokers or their branches not registered with PMEX
  2. Do not give wrong, contradictory or incomplete information in the Account Opening Form
  3. Do not issue cross cheque pay order demand draft or any other instrument in the name of Broker, or any of its employee/authorized representative
  4. Do not deposit payments in cash in your account
  5. Do not deposit payments through third party cheque or online transfer from third party account
  6. Do not get misled by alluring advertisements, rumors, hot tips or the promises of assured returns by the Brokers or their authorized representatives
  7. Do not share personal ID and password provided by the Exchange with the Brokers or their authorized representatives
  8. Do not surrender the right of receiving cash and trade balances reports via email and SMS. Don’t share your Trading Id and Password with anyone.
  9. Do not start trading before reading and understanding the Risk Disclosure Document provided by PMEX
After Funds Deposit

1. After funds are deposited in PMEX bank account, the Client will place a funds allocation request in the Client Portal. Transaction ID or cheque number will be required at the time of initiating funds allocation request.

2. In case of deposit through cheque, scanned copy of the cheque along with the deposit slip shall be emailed to the Exchange at from Client’s registered email.

3. Funds deposited through cash or any bank account other than the account included in Client’s profile is strictly prohibited. In case of such deposits, reversal may take substantial time.

4. The funds allocation request (through online transfer and cleared cheque) received during banking hours will be executed on the same day. The requests received after banking hours will be executed on the next working day.

5. The Client and Broker can view the status of funds allocation request by accessing reports in their respective portals i.e. Client Portal and CSR.

6. The Client and Broker will be notified of the initiation of funds allocation request by the Client and approval or rejection of funds allocation request by the Exchange through system generated email and SMS.

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